What can you accomplish in 30 days?

Our Business Design Sprints are geared for rapidly PRESSURE TESTING strategic thinking (or even just a single idea) in a cost effective and non-invasive way. It is a flexibly designed process typically spanning 4 elapsed weeks and is a mixture of remote support and turbo charged collaboration workshops (mixed with non-competing, like-minded people!). These sprints expedite strategic thinking and drive corporate teams to tangible action. This accelerated process is powered by design thinking, prototyping, time boxing, external challenges, story telling and validation with real customers.

These Sprints are essentially open innovation events, and we are welcoming applications from corporate teams in any industry sector. The Sprints will bring together non-competing teams (of 4-6 people) who will work within a pressure cooker environment on one of their own strategic innovation challenges. Working together, we compress months of work into days! Instead of following traditional launch paths, a sprint enables teams to build and test any idea in days. The non-competing teams will offer each other real-time support and challenge as well as invaluable insight and inspiration as part of the journey.

Our Design A Culture of Innovation Sprint pushes you to assess your current situation, understand stakeholder needs, drive advocacy among employees, prototype solutions, and create a culture of innovation.

Our Designed Project management Sprint applies design thinking to your challenge, builds experiments to test your assumptions, and manages your team's workflow and drive the pace of field work.

Why Bother?

  • This is NOT an academic exercise; these are real working days ‘in the office’ being absolutely focused on your own strategic innovation challenge
  • By creating this safe, creative and focused environment, the sprint will tap into your honest ambitions, your experience, your insight, your foresight, and your will to win
  • The “Lean Startup” principles demand getting out of the building and talking to customers. This is a unique opportunity to take advantage of a broad array of externals to critique, praise, push, kick & punch your concepts at a number of different levels – and in a way that is impossible to do on your own.
  • The sprint aims to tackle your most important questions and will deal with a lack of focused thinking, no decision making, distractions (important or not), too many opinions and drowning in noise
  • The entire team will learn how to use visual design tools that will power future strategy work. You will emerge from this thinking like a Business Designer
  • This will be a fast paced, no nonsense business design sprint that taps into the power (we all have) of Visual Thinking.  And you will really enjoy it.

Who is this for ?

  • Organizations interested in accelerating their strategy planning process to a point of deciding their next steps

  • Innovation teams looking to refresh their own pipeline and take advantage of the skills & thinking of others

  • Venture arms looking to validate early stage thinking of strategic concepts

  • Executive teams looking for a different way to rapidly strategize disruptive options for the future of their business

What previous sprinters have said:

We talked to our customers for the first time in 100 years and realized there is a whole world of new business opportunities!
The ‘aha’ moment for me was seeing our strategy visually on 1 page in a way that we could talk around consistently as a team.
We designed and tested business model options & new revenue stream opportunities that were beyond our imagination.

Organizations we have enjoyed working with:

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