Accelerate a Culture of Innovation - Summer 2017

Organizations invest a lot of money and time in innovation. Developing labs, implementing new processes, and paying lip service to 'innovation' can be costly. When it comes to driving adoption or scaling cultural change, most companies fail. Many are unable to even create real meaning around the buzzword 'innovation'.

To drive innovation, you need to prepare your organization so that they can embrace a new mindset. You can't just buy it and plug it in.  People are not cyborgs, and we believe that the best way to change your culture is to have your team design it.  Join us, and the very process of experimenting, interviewing colleagues, and employing design thinking will begin the process of becoming the change that you want to be.

Over the course of 30 days, DoTank and Liberationist will help your team of 4-7 people assess your current situation, understand key stakeholder needs, drive advocacy among employees, prototype solutions, and lay the foundation for a culture of innovation. This is NOT just a vague exploration of an elusive, internal 'culture' - you will drive change through work on tangible business challenges and the design of new ideas for the marketplace (business models, value propositions, etc.) Experience what is possible in 30 days.

During the Sprint you will:

  • Understand how organizational neuroses slow you down and inhibit innovation
  • Create a candid current state view of your culture and the challenges you need to overcome

  • Develop a concrete solution that will move you towards a culture of innovation

  • Implement an experiment within your company 

  • Apply real life feedback and testing to iterate and make adjustments

  • Bulletproof your revised solution by exposing it to thought leaders from other industries

  • Generate buy-in with senior leaders within your organization

  • Commit to a concrete plan for implementing and accelerating change

The Sprint consists of 4 in-person sessions, remote support, and action-oriented collaboration. Thirty days might not seem like a lot, but trust us, that may be all you need for radical solutions. We hope you'll join us in what is sure to be a fast-paced and productive program. 

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