Putting Wheels on Ideas - Summer 2017

Expert Design and Expert Project Management - we are going to challenge you and thrill you. Keep you on an efficient schedule. Ignite those ideas that have been gathering dust on the shelf.  Help you become true business designers. Move your team to ACTION.

In today’s world, business rigor, creativity, and action are the engines of innovation. However, 'the day job', internal interruptions, and culture make it very difficult for new ideas to take flight. That’s why Do Tank and Integrated Project Management (IPM) are bringing together expertise in business design and project management in this new “Business Design Sprint”.

With intensity and pace, your team of 4-7 people will move between design and real conversations out in the world. The journey will include 4 workshops, remote coaching, and highly managed field-testing. From a new product concept to an internal HR issue, all challenges/problems/ideas are ripe for innovation.

Up to 4 teams from non-competing organizations will explore, design, and test their business ideas in parallel - you will receive incredible inspiration from the other teams. Amazing insights will be discovered. Enduring business design skills will be acquired. Experience what is possible in 30 days.

Upon completion you will:

  • Build a solution to an ongoing challenge and test your prototype
  • Create a compelling story for internal or external investment

  • Align your team and energize them

  • Have clear action plans for continuing your work

  • Re-design the conversations you have with customers

  • Possess business design tools and skills that you can use forever

DoTank will work with you to apply design thinking to your challenge and build experiments to test your assumptions. IPM will manage your team's workflow and drive the pace of field work. Thirty days might not seem like a lot, but trust us, that may be all you need for radical solutions. We hope you'll join us in what is sure to be a fast-paced and productive program. 

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