Summer 2017

In today’s world, business rigor and creativity are the dual engines of innovation. That’s why Do Tank and LAPIZ are bringing together a new “Business Design Sprint” that combines these two perspectives for your business needs.

With intensity and pace, your team of 4-7 people will move between design and real conversations out in the world. The journey will include 4 workshops and approximately 10 hours of field-testing. From a new product concept to an internal HR issue, all challenges/problems/ideas are ripe for innovation.

In this one of a kind program, you will immerse yourself in an interactive process led by experts in business and brand design. Amazing insights will be discovered. Enduring business design skills will be acquired. Experience what is possible in 30 days.

Upon completion you will:

  • Solidify that vague value proposition you haven't been able to nail
  • Build a solution to an ongoing problem and test your prototype in the market
  • Create a compelling story for internal or external investment
  • Align your team and energize them
  • Ignite that big idea that's been gathering dust on the shelf
  • Re-design the conversations you have with customers

The Sprint consists of 4 sessions spread out through 30 days. The process is a mix of remote support and action-oriented collaboration. Thirty days might not seem like a lot, but trust us, that may be all you need for radical solutions. We hope you'll join us in what is sure to be a fast-paced and productive program.